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NEXT GENERATION LOCKED DOWN INFORMATION PROTECTION. Our patent pending solutions are FAST and SAFE. We have many years of large scale banking and brokerage experience. 

Michael Cherry addressed the United Nations Counter-Terrorism Committee. His topic was Information Technology Security and the latest border-control systems that authenticate the identity of individuals through the use of iris or digit scans.


Early design team Apollo 11, The Trip to The Moon. Next, we designed and built banking applications, brokerage applications and network communications systems for major banks and brokerage firms including: JP Morgan Chase, UBS and Citigroup. We designed and built imaging products that were sold worldwide by IBM and Sony.  


Michael Cherry and Manfred Schenk are the ONLY experts to have ever won Innocence, Habeas, Dauberts and the Exclusion of Call Detail Records (CDR's) against Historical Cell Site Analysis / Cell Tower Tracking. We are IT Developers who also author and vote on International IT Standards. Call Detail Records (CDR’s) and Per Call Message Data (PCMD) are not business records. 

Closest is clearest = misrepresentation. Some of our breakthrough cases include:  

  • UNITED STATES V. ANTONIO EVANS. "Special Agent Raschke may not testify concerning the theory of granulization, which the court finds to be unreliable. In addition, the estimated coverage areas contained in summary exhibit 6 must be removed before the court will admit this exhibit." The Honorable Joan Humphrey Lefkow United States District Judge. 
  • UNITED STATES OF AMERICA V. RODERICK THORNTON."The Court would have significant concerns if Special Agent Fitzgerald were to offer an expert opinion on the precise street location or radius where the Defendant’s phone communications were made based on the telecommunications data and methodology identified in his testimony. However, Fitzgerald clearly indicated that based on current data and cell technology infrastructure, he could not reliably offer an opinion regarding the specific location footprint indicated by the phone calls at issue here." The Honorable Amy Totenberg United States District Judge.
  • LISA MARIE ROBERTS was freed after serving 12 years for a murder that she did not commit. LISA MARIE ROBERTS ORDER CR233. "Petitioner shall be released from custody unless the State of Oregon elects to retry her within 90 days of the date of this Opinion and Order."  The Honorable Malcolm F. Marsh United States District Judge. 
  • In THE STATE OF CONNECTICUT V. EMMANUEL HILDING SALORIO the trial judge, The Honorable James Graham, excluded from evidence Verizon Call Detail Phone Records (CDR's) that the prosecutor wanted to use to support his theory that Hilding Salorio was in the area of the victim's apartment on the night of the crime. 
  • On Sept. 20, 2012 the employment of Messrs. Joyce, Bligh, and Cashman was reinstated by their employer National Grid. Their employment was terminated eight months earlier when outside cell phone experts accused them of stealing time based on cell tower call detail records (CDR’s). The outside cell phone experts choose not to appear at the final labor arbitration hearing as Manfred Schenk was there to challenge their interpretations.  

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ABA Journal - First Daubert Win Against FBI CAST Cell Tower Tracking   We didn't have to learn this topic - we lived it

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Fingerprint pictures from some of our courtroom wins 

We have appeared before the National Academies of Science. We have voted on international law enforcement biometric standards at the invitation of the United States Department of Commerce, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for the past 10 years.

NCJ Number: NCJ 216466

Title: How We Can Improve the Reliability of Fingerprint Identification
Journal: Judicature Volume:90 Issue:2 Dated:September-October 2006 Pages:55 to 57
Author(s): Michael Cherry; Edward Imwinkelried

NCJ Number: NCJ 215028
Title: Cautionary Note About Fingerprint Analysis and Reliance on Digital Technology
Journal: Judicature Volume:89 Issue:6 Dated:May-June 2006 Pages:334 to 338
Author(s): Michael Cherry ; Edward Imwinkelried 


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